Arkhan Dominion

Arkhan Dominion

Core Beliefs

“Riches are in the eyes of the beholder, but monetary wealth is in the hands of those worthy of it”

“True power lies in ideas, but cannons make ideas come true”


The Arkhan Dominion is a feudal monarchy ruled by a king, a queen, and a group of culturally enlightened aristocrats. It is currently in the state of Cold War with the Galactic Federation. The Dominion society is mostly known for its extremely classy system, which defines not only one’s social mobility and opportunities, but literally how high they live in a planet-sized spiral tower called the Spiregrad. The poor live at the bottom of the tower, while the court and the throne are situated at the top. Its nobility members are messed up with their own cultural superiority, beauty extravaganza, and hedonistic lifestyle.


Ascension to Superpower

The history of Dominion is a history of political turmoil between the nobility. Rulers and dynasties violently replace each other all the time, which are usually followed by local uprisings. The last one, and historically the hardest one, happened just a few years after the Global Galaxy War I, when the Dominion, together with the Galactic Federation, defeated the Empire of the Holy Lance. As always, the poor believed they’d finally get rid of the classy monarchy, but in reality, they only helped a new one rise. But the fear of another coup was already rooted deeply in the new monarch’s mind – the last one devastated an entire planet.

War against the Galactic Federation

After the last coup, the Dominion fought a 20 years war against the Galactic Federation, until a peace treaty was signed. However, the core ideological differences between the two superpowers prevented them from actually living in peace. The Federation was an aggressive wartorn society centered around the military, brutal dictatorship, and brainwashing propaganda. The Dominion, on the contrary, was a rich, spoiled, and hyper-sensitive society, which relied on low-class biomasses to die for their wars, thus maintaining their classy bubble. The peace treaty slid into an ideological cold war, during which both sides had to work very hard to get a military advantage.

Latest Decades

One of the problems the Dominion had to face, however, was within its own domain. Some of its subordinate planets started demanding more rights and liberty, the usual stuff. When their demands weren’t answered, some people turned to piracy and amassed great influence among the poor folks. If there was anything the current ruler had learned, is that arresting or executing public figures would make them martyrs, which accelerates the potential uprising. As such, he found another solution – offer those public figures positions within the royalty in exchange for whatever demands they come up with, having little to no intention of actually fulfilling them in the long run. But at least it helps keep his enemies closer.

Sam vs Copyritto

All About Arkhan Dominion


The biggest pride of the Dominion is their high culture. Unlike any other civilizations in the galaxy, the Dominion nobility values beauty and self-expression above everything else. As artists and intellectuals, they believe it’s their duty to make the galaxy a more beautiful place. Alas, not everybody is born with good taste or intellect. For the sake of a prosperous society, it’s important to maintain a strict hierarchy that would place the most gifted ones on top, and those less gifted to serve them. Hence the classy system. The end goal of the Dominion elite is to have the entire galaxy worship their artistic genius. But first, all other inferior cultures need to be abolished. Alas, it is unlikely without actual territorial domination.


Dominion people are very politically correct. There are so many words they forbid or consider offensive, that a simple sentence might become barely understandable. For example, “Order your man to dock your ship at the harbor and unload all the cargo at the royal warehouse” would be considered offensive on many levels.

“Orders” cannot be given by anybody of non-royal heritage. “Men” is offensive because there might be aliens aboard. “Ship” is offensive because only royal ships can be called so. “Harbor” is a generalization for different types of docks, which offends their workers. “Unload” is often confused with piracy activities, which upsets navy veterans. “Cargo” might scare people who have been taken hostage in the past and placed in cargo. “Warehouse” is a complex word some uneducated people might not understand.

So, the best way to say it would be, – “Commit your living souls to dock the flying carriage next to the landing point and encourage them to reposition its contents into the very space dedicated to storing physical objects of royal importance”.

Modern Day

As of lately, the Dominion ruling dynasty starts losing its grip. Not only the Mallard Order, one of the Dominion’s sworn enemies, seems to be stronger than ever, but some of the tamed officers in its fleet have been acting strange. Additionally, there are rumors of an invisible floor in the tower, just above the top floor. The speculations about what’s on that floor give birth to various fantasies. The notion of an angry mob going on a pilgrimage to the top of the tower scares the hell out of the nobility.

Combat Tactics

The Dominion fleet relies on brutal force and firepower. Its ships are slow, but they are armed to the teeth with cannons, EMP modules, and even shapeshifting technologies which allow them to become ethereal for a set amount of time.