Empire of the Holy Lance

Empire of the Holy Lance

Core Beliefs

“Today they take your sails, tomorrow they’ll take your souls”

“Solar Industries lights the galaxy for money. The Holy Lance does the same for free”


The Empire of the Holy Lance used to be the largest governmental entity the galaxy has ever seen. It was ruled by Damon Lance and dedicated itself to cleansing the galaxy of any non-human races by launching Holy Crusades against them. Even though defeated decades ago, the alien races still remember the genocide humanity committed against them. There are rumors of a group of cultists who vow to resurrect their long-dead leader and restore their glory.


History of Hydropolis

The Empire of the Holy Lance existed for a little more than two decades, but the planet it rose up on has a history of thousands of years. Hydropolis was the first planet colonized by human survivors thousands of years ago, due to oceans of fresh water on its surface. It became the first human civilization in Hyperborea and then developed separately during the Age of Isolation. When the Solar Sails were invented and the galaxy was reconnected, the technological advancements of Hydropolis made it the jewel of the galaxy. The next century was marked as the Golden Age of Hyperborea.

However, as time went by, economical and political tensions rose between Hydropolis and Hyxon, the planet of Coggorts. Solar Industries LTD, the massive Hyxon corporation, monopolized the production of Solar Sails and rose its prices to a ridiculous level. Since Solar Sails were the basic necessity of space travel, they ruined the economy for the rest of the galaxy. The society of Hydropolis was hit the hardest due to its remote location and its reliance on long-distance space travel. It became more and more violent. Racism and nationalism were at their peak, often sparking tension between races. Most of the hatred was directed towards Coggorts, who were depicted as greedy bankers. Hydropolis was failing. All it needed was a strong leader that would restore order to the galaxy.

Rise and Fall of the Empire

Such a leader showed up. Damon Lance, the famous leader of the opposition, known for the legendary mustache he was born with, managed to usurp the rulership of Hydropolis using his charisma and popularity. He sought to unite the galaxy and build a single central government. Many people followed his cause, which allowed him to unite Hydropolis under his rule and proclaim himself the Emperor of the Empire of the Holy Lance. At first, his main agenda was to get rid of the Coggorts monopoly on Solar Sails. Then, he decided to get rid of the Coggorts race, and eventually, of all non-human races.

The Empire of the Holy Lance launched devastating Holy Crusades against the entire galaxy, aimed at exterminating all non-humans. Damon’s armies proved to be unstoppable. This genocide lasted for two decades and contributed to the extinction of 61% of the Coggorts race, and nearly half of each of the other races. Eventually, the Empire was brought down by the united forces of the Galactic Federation, Arkhan Dominion, Telossians, Coggorts, and Glyphens. Hydropolis was besieged and heavily bombarded, and the Empire of the Holy Lance capitulated. However, Damon himself was nowhere to be found.

Damon Lance

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Culture and Legacy

Hydropolis has always been the cradle of human civilization. It has been through lots of historical periods and has seen the rise and fall of many religions and cults. Its most prevalent religion used to center around worshipping a pantheon of primordial beings who built the Solar Obelisks – The Demiurge.

However, with the invention of Solar Sails and tons of scientific discoveries, Hydropolis saw a rise of skepticism. Many old religions died, which gave birth to new cults with different ideals. Instead of the old religions that were rooted in worshipping some cosmic deities, the new religions focused on the racial and national superiority of Hydropolis. Some were even promoting a theory that humans once were a dominant civilization that arrived from another galaxy, but were robbed of their legacy by alien races.

One of these cults, the Mwustatz Humidach, was rooted in hatred towards Coggorts. The cultists claimed these were the ancient human colonists, not Demiurge, who built the Obelisks and made space travel possible, but the greedy Coggorts merely stole their secrets and monopolized them.

The cult has become the dominant religion on Hydropolis and foresaw the coming of a human champion – the one born with a mustache – that would liberate the galaxy from the alien leeches and restore humanity to its former glory. Damon Lance was such a man, and that helped him a lot in gathering followers and worshippers. Even after his defeat, decades later, Damon is still revered as a human champion. According to Mwustatz Humidach scriptures, he is the reincarnation of one ancient human who built the obelisks, and therefore immortal. His defeat is merely a setback in the grand scheme of things.

Modern Day

Although Damon’s death has never been confirmed, nobody really bothered looking for him. The planet of Hydropolis was devastated and abandoned for decades. It still lies in ruins by this day, yet probably it’s probably the least attractive location for tourists. However, after so many years, there have been recent reports on some activity beneath the waters of the planet. There are rumors and speculations of a new cult that worships Damon Lance as a god and works under the radar to bring him back to life. Alas, the current superpowers are so busy with their own affairs that they haven’t got any time for unconfirmed rumors.