Player’s Ship

The Rumstronaught is the ship we play with. It is a former rum trading vessel which has been rebuild into a pirate ship. It’s functionality and upgrade system can be divided into 4 branches – Navigation, Cannon, Shield, and the Ship.


The Ship

The Rumstronaught is a former rum trading ship, which has been rebuild into a pirate ship. Contains upgrades for the ship’s durability, resistance and ultimate abilities.


Navigation stands for the ship’s movement. Provides movement related abilities like dashing in and out of combat or leaving a death trail behind.

Player’s Ship


The primary weapon of the ship and the default assault module. Provides offense-type abilities like firing charged beams or an electric chain to attack multiple enemies.


Both a close-range weapon and a defense module. Bashes enemies in close range and offers support and tactical abilities like grabbing and tossing space objects.



Develop Combat Tactics

Some enemies could use a delicate approach. 

Commit Piracy

Raid cargo zeppelins delivering rum and gold.

Solar Winds and Stealth

Dim lights and let the Solar Winds guide the way. 

Capture Hostages

Abduct enemy sailors and trade them for ransom.


Control a Space Duck

Useful to reach places the ship cannot.

Smuggle Rum

An illegal commodity valued in the black market.

Unlock Hidden Treasures

Anything from piles of gold to alien artifacts.

Earn Rank Points

Rank points unlock additional customization options.


Upgrade Your Ship

Improve its arsenal and unlock new abilities.

Pick Power Runes

Empower the ship with primordial cosmic powers.

Customize Your Ship

Create the ship of your dreams. Make it stand out.

Level Up Characters

Each character contributes their own skillset to the crew.

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Collect Ingredients

Noodles, Meatballs, Sauce, Water. Everything needed to cook pasta.

Gain Favor

Be in favor of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Cook Pasta in Space

Bring pasta to all the corners of the galaxy.

Use Pasta-Powers

Call upon His Noodliness to aid while in trouble.

Local Co-op

Co-op mode for 2 players

Why Local Co-Op?

Apart from single player story mode, we want to revive that old nostalgic feeling of playing with friends in the same room.

Survival Mode

Survival Mode

Survive the incoming waves of enemies as long as possible. It is recommended to be played by two players in Local Co-op.