Demiurges are believed to be divine spiritual entities but nobody has ever been able to witness their true appearance. Unlike almost anything made in the galaxy, Demiurges are made of Primordial Matter and therefore live in a constant state. One of the most remarkable traits of the Primordial Matter is that it always returns to its initial state. It means that neither a Demiurge nor anything they possess can be destroyed due to a quick self-regeneration.


Demiurges are artists, engineers, creators who shaped worlds in their vision. Each of them has built at least one planet or a race of his own. They are enigmatic and mysterious, and usually, avoid contact with any of the beings they create. Nobody knows how they came to be, not even the Demiurges themselves. It seems like they exist because they’ve always existed. They are a part of the universe, or even the universe itself.


Alas, despite their incredibly divine traits, Demiurges haven’t survived. It is unclear what wiped them out and when, but they have left a legacy – indestructible obelisks with untranslatable runes that produce solar clouds. It seems like Demiurges had been determined on terraforming the galaxy, but didn’t manage to finish the job. Additionally, there are rumors of people who found their old spaceships, but none have been confirmed.