Standing straight, erect, walking on two legs, flailing two arms, with a heavy head on their neck, and ambitions that could put a creator god to shame. Humans dominate almost the entire galaxy, or at least the known part of it. Since their arrival, humans have been living on their colonized planets for thousands of years in total isolation. As a result, they have developed different cultures and built various civilizations. Nowadays, two major human superpowers – The Galactic Federation and The Arkhan Dominion – fight for the control of the galaxy.


During the thousands of years of isolation, the technologies humans brought into the galaxy have become relics. The old allow spaceships and architecture have been replaced by those of the post-medieval era. But not only the technologies were affected. Isolated from each other on their colonized planets, humanity has gone through various cultural upheavals. New civilizations sprung up, new cultures, new religions. Most aren’t even aware their ancestors have been into space long ago.

Modern Day

Humans are the most common race in the Hyperborean Galaxy. They control over 90% of its known territory and are divided into superpowers that struggle for dominance. The two biggest ones are the Galactic Federation and the Arkhan Dominion, which maintain fragile peace while being in a state of a cold war. But not all humans belong to either of the superpowers. Some of them prefer to live on neutral territories or join less militant factions.