Ahoy There, Space Pirates!

Welcome to Solar Sails: Space Pirates! Take control of a pirate ship, plunder the royal navy, search for treasures, and sail onwards to unveil the darkest secrets of the universe.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Rumstronaught Ship Upgrades

Space Adventure
with RPG Elements

Solar Sails Combat Storyline Mechanoid

Deep and Engaging Story Campaign

Solar Sails Space Pirates Combat Tactics

Fast-paced Combat & Insane Bossfights

Solar Sails Space Pirates Jetpack Duck Mystery

Bizarre Fantasy World with Satire and Humor

Solar Sails Space Pirates Amy Bane

Explore the Galaxy

Solar Sails Space Pirates Exploration Adventure

The Hyperborean galaxy is full of unique worlds, species, factions, and ancient mysteries. Play with a team of space pirates and encounter the craziest alien beings. Some of them are friendly quest-givers, while others are hostile. Among them are stoned self-aware asteroids, mechanical insectoids, time-traveling ducks, and more.

Plunder, Smuggle, Capture Hostages

Solar Sails Space Pirates Capture Hostage

The royal ships and trade convoys aren’t going to plunder themselves. Loot gold, rum, alien technologies – anything your cargo can carry, and use it to your advantage. Capture hostages and trade them for ransom or interrogate them for information. Use the acquired information to smuggle illegal goods or sell them on the black market.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Captain Solomon Moreguns
Solar Sails Space Pirates Sam Schrodinger

Upgrade your Crew and Ship

Solar Sails Space Pirates Upgrade Ship

Equip your ship with a wide variety of upgradeable modules – assault, support, defensive – and man them with your crew members. Each crew member comes with their own abilities for each of the disciplines – weaponry, navigation, and defense. The arsenal of your abilities depends on the specializations of the crew. How you level up your characters is entirely up to you.

The Story

Solar Sails Space Pirates Jetpack Duck Adventures

The story revolves around a team of space pirates in a galaxy ravaged by war, economic turmoil, and tyrannical superpowers wrestling for control of the galaxy. To make a living, the pirates smuggle rum, raid trade convoys, and search for alien technologies to sell on the black market.

Driven by tales of riches and promises of immense power, the pirates open Pandora’s Box – a gateway to another dimension – and unleash an ancient evil that threatens to consume all life in the galaxy.

Will the pirates be able to put their personal goals aside and work toward the common good? Or will they doom the galaxy in pursuit of personal ambitions?

Control a Space Duck to find Hidden Treasures

Solar Sails Space Pirates Jetpack Duck Treasure

Need to scout an asteroid to find rare minerals or hidden treasure? Need to quietly place dynamite on an enemy reactor? Need to salvage an important artifact before a planet explodes? Sounds like a job for a space duck! Take control of Barvaz, a duck with a jetpack who can manipulate space and time and reach the places the ship cannot.

Missiles! Lots of Missiles!

Solar Sails Space Pirates Cannon Barrage Missiles

Are you into blowing up hordes of enemies with explosive visual extravaganza? This Space Pirates Adventure game is just for you! From small hit-and-run saboteur ships to massive galleons with more cannons than people aboard – all of them will literally rain missiles at you. Intense battles are promised!