About Us

Who are we?

We are Cosmic Duck Games, a team of passionate and professional developers, dedicated to making their dream come true. Our team consists of industry professionals with over a decade of experience, as well as of young developers who are eager to learn and grow.

How It All Started?

The idea for the game first sprung up during the 2017 Global Game Jam as a local co-op game for 2 players who had to operate one spaceship with 3 stations – Navigation, Cannon and Shield. Even though we haven’t made it in time, we’ve decided to take it further after the Game Jam, and this is how Solar Sails was born.

Since then, the game has changed its direction from local co-op to single player story driven experience. And yet, the game can still be played by two people controlling one ship.

Our Vision

We are looking forward to bringing our vision alive and offering a different perspective on what a fantasy world could be. Besides an immersive gameplay and a tactical combat, Solar Sails offers a deep storyline which mixes satire, idealism and morbid humor.


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