Captain Moreguns

Captain Solomon Moreguns

An old, gruesome, and self-loathing pirate with a duck on his shoulder, who has been honored as the “Worst Pirate of the Galaxy”. Moreguns spends days and nights in his rum cabin, washing away the guilt of his past deeds. He wants to retire and live a happy life, but the skeletons in his closet won’t let him.

Captain Moreguns is a former rum trader who went bankrupt due to the prohibition enforced by the Galactic Federation. Nowadays, he is considered the most dangerous pirate in the galaxy, sentenced to death on 27 planets. Moreguns is believed to be enormously rich due to his successful raids, but in truth, he is so broke that once he had to sell his collection of guns to repair a broken sail.

Lots of people served on Moreguns’s ship as his first mates, but none survived longer than two weeks. And it’s not because of the dangers of the pirates’ daily routine. All of them broke the number one rule – “Do not look into the captain’s closet!”

As the most feared pirate in the galaxy, Moreguns contributes a wide variety of piracy, space combat, and economic skills and perks. His attitude influences his combat skills. It increases during successful piracy raids, collectible findings and hostage captures; and gradually decreases when there is no rum aboard.

Amy Bane

Amy Bane

She’s only a 21-year-old space cadet but has already been accused of piracy, espionage, and terrorism, to name a few. Once a naive provincial girl with big dreams, Amy is now a scapegoat trying to prove herself innocent. But is she?

Amy woke up on a malfunctioning Federation ship, having no clue how she has got there. It was engulfed in fire, the engines weren’t working. Everybody was dead. Everybody except for a duck, which had a bottle in its beak. In that bottle, Amy saw a note. She extracted it and read, – “Pandora Box must stay sealed“.

Amy is a timid girl with high moral standards, who would rather die for some greater cause than collaborate with pirates. Alas, the more ugly truths she learns through the course of her journey, the more she gives way to her darker nature she has been suppressing her entire life.

Amy’s natural curiosity and fascination with ancient mysteries gave her some mystic powers. She contributes a range of power-ups and combat support skills, along with the ability to read and interact with ancient alien runes. Her attitude influences her combat support skills. It increases with every solved alien riddle and decreases whenever the pirates commit piracy.

Sam Schrodinger

Sam Schrodinger

“They stole my discoveries of the Dimensional Rift and trapped my cat between dimensions”, Sam claims. But why would anybody believe a madman’s story? Joining the pirates, Sam seeks revenge upon the royal family that ruined his life and hopes to rescue his cat… be it imaginary or not. Sam carries his cat’s favorite toy – the Baby Quacken – with him. He knows his cat really misses it, and won’t forgive himself if he ever loses it.

Sam could have stayed in a madhouse for life, if not for Captain Moreguns who had been pillaging some ships nearby. Starting as a trophy, he proved himself worthy as a genius engineer and a valuable crew member. In fact, Sam is probably the only reason The Rumstronaught pirate ship is still intact, and consequently, the crew is still alive. He turned a low-class trade vessel into a technological masterpiece.

Sam contributes a variety of defense and combat control automated systems. His attitude influences defense and automated skills. It increases with every glossary element added to the lore archive and decreases whenever the pirates trade a hostage for ransom. If the pirates release a hostage, the attitude increases.

Barvaz the Duck

Barvaz the Duck

This lucky duck hasn’t become a dinner yet because his memories happen to be the key to saving the galaxy from total annihilation. Barvaz is a time-traveling duck who witnessed the end of the galaxy in the future and is henceforth determined to stop it from happening. Unfortunately, his warnings are often mistaken as quacky requests for food or attention.

Barvaz has been serving as a mast duck for many captains in alternative timelines, as he attempted to prevent the tragedy. Time after time, he witnessed the destruction of his home planet. After so many attempts, Barvaz managed to memorize the locations of the ten Quasar Elements required to stop the Pandora Box. This time, he won’t let that happen again.

Barvaz contributes his time manipulation skills in combat. Additionally, he can be sent forth and controlled separately to reach places the ship cannot. Controlling the duck usually helps in solving puzzles, interacting with mechanisms, or unlocking treasures. His attitude influences his time control and flying skills. It increases with every treasure he unlocks and with every Quasar Element the pirates claim but gradually decreases over time.

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