Captain Moreguns

Solar Sails Space Pirates Captain Moreguns Jetpack Duck

An old, gruesome, and self-loathing pirate with a duck on his shoulder, honored as the “Worst Pirate of the Galaxy”. Captain Moreguns wants to retire and live a happy life, but the skeletons in his closet, figurative and literal, won’t let him. And he is so broke that once he had to sell his collection of guns to repair a broken sail.

Moreguns was a rum trader who went bankrupt due to the prohibition enforced by the Galactic Federation. He and his family resorted to piracy to make a living. During one of their raids, the Federation ambushed the pirates, killing his family and his parrot. Consumed by grief, Moreguns seeks vengeance upon their tyrannical regime.

Strengths: Combat skills, Assault, Crew empowerment
Weaknesses: Support skills, Defense

Amy Bane

Amy Bane

Amy is a former Galactic Federation cadet who turned to piracy after being falsely accused of mass murder. She used to be the most promising student in the academy for magic wielders. One day, she woke up on a wrecked ship with memory loss and learned she was accused of brutally killing everyone in the academy.

Amy is a timid girl with high moral standards, who would never commit what she is accused of. Alas, the more ugly truths she learns throughout her journey, the more she gives way to her own darker nature she has been suppressing her entire life.

Strengths: Support skills, Defense, Magic abilities
Weaknesses: Navigation skills, Agility

Sam Schrodinger

Solar Sails Space Pirates Sam Schrodinger

“They stole my magnifying device and enlarged my cat to the point it dissolved into stardust”, Sam claims. But why would anyone believe a madman’s story? Joining the pirates, Sam seeks justice against the royal family that stole his work and hopes to rescue his cat. However, spending two years in a madhouse made Sam doubt his cat has ever existed. He keeps his cat’s favorite plush toy, just in case the cat does exist and returns to him.

Sam could have stayed in a madhouse for life, if not for Captain Moreguns who rescued him. Sam proved himself worthy as a savvy engineer and a valuable crew member by technologically improving the ship.

Strengths: Navigation skills, Crowd control, Survival
Weaknesses: Combat skills, Assault

Barvaz the Duck

Solar Sails Space Pirates Jetpack Duck

This lucky duck hasn’t become a dinner yet because he is the only one who knows how to save the galaxy from total annihilation. Barvaz is a time-traveling duck who witnessed the end of the galaxy in the future and is henceforth determined to prevent it. Unfortunately, his warnings are often mistaken as quacky requests for food or attention.

Barvaz has been serving as a mast duck for many captains in alternative timelines, as he attempted to prevent the tragedy. Time after time, he witnessed the destruction of his home planet. Never again.

Strengths: Scouting, Time-manipulation, Finding secrets
Weaknesses: Low HP

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