Hyperborean Galaxy

Hyperborean Galaxy

The Hyperborean galaxy is a place of square planets, talking asteroids, and colorful breathable air. Although it’s home to various species and life forms, most of its known part is dominated by humans. However, some parts of the galaxy are not explored yet.

Solar Clouds

Solar Cloud

The galaxy is partially terraformed with colorful nebula-like clouds of breathable air in space. The clouds are emitted by large trees of alien origin, which grow on top of flying space islands. They produce oxygen and make space livable in certain areas.

Solar Sails

Solar Sails

Apart from oxygen, the Solar Clouds provide ships with renewable energy that allows them to travel in space. Ships equipped with solar sails absorb the energy directly from the clouds and use it to power their engines. Ships cannot travel outside of the Solar Clouds.


Rum is the most popular beverage in the galaxy, used to calm the body and the soul. Yet, the authorities consider it illegal and prohibit it. As such, rum is worth a lot in the black market. For just a few barrels of rum, one can buy out a top-class ship engine.

Cold War

Solar Sails Space Pirates Faction Empire of the Holy Lance

Most of the galaxy is controlled by two interstellar superpowers – the tyrannical Galactic Federation, and the hedonistic Arkhan Dominion. Both are locked in an endless cold war, constantly searching for alien technologies that would give them a military advantage.


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World History
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