Hyperborean Galaxy

Hyperborean Galaxy

The Hyperborean Galaxy is home to a myriad of worlds inhabited by diverse species and life forms. Even though humans dominate the majority of the known galaxy, large parts of it remain unexplored yet. This is where dangers, ancient mysteries, and treasures await the bravest of space travelers.

Solar Clouds

Solar Cloud

A flat disc of colorful nebula-like clouds stretches across the galaxy. These clouds produce oxygen, allowing sailors to breathe in space and explore the cosmos aboard ships with open decks. Thus, It is not uncommon for Hyperborean denizens to settle within the clouds and live their entire lives under the stars.

Solar Sails

Solar Sails

Apart from oxygen, the clouds are ionized with solar energy. They provide a renewable source of power used by the Hyperborean denizens as electricity. Ships equipped with solar sails absorb the energy directly from the clouds and utilize it to power their engines. Entire cities built in space use solar sails to power their infrastructure.


Rum is the most popular beverage in the galaxy. Humans and non-humans alike use it to calm the body and the soul. Yet, the authorities consider it illegal and prohibit it due to health concerns. As such, rum is worth a lot in the black market. For just a few barrels of rum, one can acquire a top-class ship engine… or end up behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Ancient Artifacts

Solar Sails Space Pirates Ancient Artifacts

Various factions across the galaxy seek the ancient “Demiurge artifacts” – relics of a bygone alien civilization imbued with magical power. Magic wielders and use them to enhance their abilities. Naval superpowers use them to strengthen their ships’ weaponry. Smugglers and bounty hunters often make a fortune selling them on the black market.


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