Standing straight, erect, walking on two legs, flailing two arms, with a heavy head on their neck, and ambitions that could put a creator god to shame. Humans dominate almost the entire galaxy, or at least the known part of it. Since their arrival, humans have been living on their colonized planets for thousands of years in total isolation. As a result, they have developed different cultures and built various civilizations. Nowadays, two major human superpowers – The Galactic Federation and The Arkhan Dominion – fight for the control of the galaxy.


Coggorts are a race of mechanical ants made of woods and cogs. They obey their cerebrates’ commands from the Hive Board, a monolithic spaceship that floats above Hyxon, their home planet. They are like a giant corporation, where all of its employees are designed and manufactured explicitly for the positions they occupy. But Coggorts are more than a mindless horde of robot-ants. They are artisans, builders, crafters, engineers, and merchants. They are those who invented the solar sails and connected the galaxy.


Glyphens are a race of living self-aware asteroids. Their cores are gas-like substances wrapped in stone shells. Their stone bodies are imbued with runes and have crystals protruding from them. This kind of physiology ensures their immortality unless the stone shell is destroyed and the gas core is heated. They do not have a fixed appearance, since no two stones look alike, but they do have certain similarity groups. Usually, it depends on their age – the older a Glyphen is, the more stone mass it is likely to absorb. As such, the older Glyphens are usually the bigger ones.


Celestials are a wild race of huge majestic space butterflies, attracted to light. They can inhabit space because the only nourishment is solar clouds. Celestials are usually hunted for their Ichor, a valuable glowing substance used for cosmetics, medicine, and even weaponry. But do not let their cute appearance confuse you – they are extremely aggressive and are capable of tearing a space ship apart. Especially when it comes to protecting their newborn.


Telossians are sentient human-island hybrids – humanoid upper bodies that grow like trees from flying islands. These flying islands are, by all means, vital parts of their bodies, their sources of life. Disconnecting the humanoid from the island is like disconnecting a tree from its roots. But it shouldn’t be mistaken for a disadvantage – Telossians are in full control of their landmasses, as these are the continuation of their own selves. Additionally, mastering the powers of the skies, they are capable of utilizing its substance into devastating energy blasts.


Demiurges are believed to be divine spiritual entities but nobody has ever been able to witness their true appearance. Unlike almost anything made in the galaxy, Demiurges are made of Primordial Matter and therefore live in a constant state. One of the most remarkable traits of the Primordial Matter is that it always returns to its initial state. It means that neither a Demiurge nor anything they possess can be destroyed due to a quick self-regeneration.