The Chronology in Hyperborea is measured in human years, when the zero point begins with the invention of the Solar Sails. A.S.T = After Solar Travel, B.S.T = Before Solar Travel.

Ancient History

Prehistoric Hyperborea (before 10000 B.S.T):

Since the dawn of time, various races and species have inhabited the Hyperborean Galaxy. Among them are Glyphens, a race of sentient asteroids brought to life by magical runes; Coggorts, a race of science-driven insectoids; Telossians, sentient human-island hybrids that grow like trees out of the soil; Celestials, a wild race of huge majestic space butterflies; Demiurge, a mysteriously vanished race of unknown appearance, that left a vast legacy of murals and powerful artifacts.

Hyperborean Galaxy

Colonization of Hyperborea (around -10000 year B.S.T):

Humans presumably arrive from another galaxy, fleeing their dying world in search of a new home. Ancient murals of the Demiurge depict them as hostile colonists arriving on giant spaceships. According to the murals, humans and the Demiurge wage wars across the galaxy, in which humans come out victorious. However, recent archeological findings suggest that the Demiurge weren’t defeated, but rather mysteriously vanished in an instant. They left behind powerful artifacts imbued with magical powers. These artifacts, characterized by glowing magical runes, come in various shapes and sizes. They provide a range of powers, from enhancing magical abilities to strengthening the firepower of ships’ weaponry.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Race Demiurge

Age of Isolation

Isolation and Degradation (around -10000 – 5000 B.S.T):

The ancient human ships made of alloy cannot sustain the solar clouds spread across the galaxy. Ships designed to fly in the vacuum of space, cannot resist the continuous friction with atmospheric nebulas. In time, their metals wear out and render the ships unusable. Stuck on different planets, humanity ends up isolated from each other. Due to technological degradation, humanity seizes its attempts to return to space. Over time, people stop believing they have ever been to space in the first place. During the thousands of years of isolation, various human civilizations develop separately on different planets. 

Garbage Planet

Native Hyperborean Species (around -10000 B.S.T – 0 A.S.T):

Simultaneously with humans, the native non-human species across the galaxy develop into their own civilizations. Glyphens, a race of immortal sentient asteroids, discover a gas-like substance that opens their mind and makes them rethink their worldview, so they delve into philosophy. Coggorts, a race of sentient insectoids obsessed with the idea of space exploration, progress in technology and build tower hives, aiming to elevate above their planet’s atmosphere. Telossians, cosmic beings with humanoid upper bodies that grow like trees from flying islands, grow a magical forest in space that would become their permanent home. 

Solar Sails Space Pirates Native Species


The invention of Solar Sails (-4 B.S.T – 0 A.S.T):

On the sunny planet of Hyxon, the technologically advanced insectoid species of Coggorts develop the first working means of space travel. It starts with Rubikon, a wealthy Coggort entrepreneur obsessed with space exploration. In order to reach space, he builds a tower that rises up above the atmosphere and powers it with solar panels. Once reaching space, Rubikon discovers clouds that produce solar energy ten times more than the sun. But most importantly, he learns that these clouds also produce oxygen. Rubikon develops a boat with an engine powered by a solar panel and flies into space without any protective suit. Once in space, he circumnavigates the planet on his boat, all while enjoying the cosmic breeze. Thus, Rubikon discovers the means of space travel.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Steampunk Planet

Reconnection (0 – 72 A.S.T):

With his new invention, Rubikon establishes an interstellar corporation – Solar Industries LTD – and invests in building vessels powered by solar panels. He launches expeditions across the galaxy to introduce his technology to other species and attract potential clients. During one of the expeditions, Coggorts encounter humans and establish trade relations with them. Coggorts give them access to solar sails technology, while humans teach Coggorts ship architecture based on their already existing water sailing ships made of wood and metals. Thanks to mutual trade with various planets and factions, Coggorts finally reconnect the galaxy after thousands of years of isolation.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Rumstronaught Ship

Relocation (72  – 108 A.S.T):

Coggorts develop gravity stabilizers powered by solar sails. The denizens of the galaxy gain the ability to build structures in space with their own centers of gravity. Following this novelty, the majority of the galactic population finds living in space to be more efficient than staying on planets. Instead of traversing the atmosphere to reach their homes, they dock their ships right next to their houses in space. For most people, planets become places of luxury and vacations. For space cities and interstellar governments, planets serve as hubs of resources – water, wood, and provision. Many people live their entire lives in space, without ever visiting any planet. Slowly but steadily, most of the galaxy becomes dependent on solar sails.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Space Structure

Great Galaxy War

Monopoly on Solar Sails (108 – 141 A.S.T):

As time goes by, profit-driven Coggorts misplace Rubikon from his position and take over Solar Industries LTD. They monopolize the production of solar sails, brutally suppress any competition, and sanction entire planets at will by withholding the supply of solar sails. One of the sanctioned planets, Stygion, notoriously known for its dislike of non-human species, refuses to bend the knee to the Coggort monopoly. Stygians start hoarding powerful ancient artifacts and utilizing them in their weaponry. Concerned with the growing might of the Stygian fleet, Coggorts outlaw the artifacts and start hunting for those possessing them. The harder Solar Industries LTD chokes the Stygian economy, the more hateful Stygians grow towards Coggorts. They crave a strong leader who would rise against Coggorts’ hegemony.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Coggort Ships

Great Galaxy War (141 – 152 A.S.T):

With the rising hatred against Coggorts, a religious preacher Daemon Lance gains popularity by advocating human supremacy. According to his idea, ancient humans were immortal and powerful beings. But the rival alien species grew jealous of them. They crafted magical artifacts and used them to drain human powers. As a result, humans lost their immortality and grew weaker. And now, Coggorts want to prevent humans from getting their powers back.

Fueled by hatred, the majority of Stygians blindly follow Daemon. He unites all of Stygion under the Empire of the Holy Lance and proclaims himself as its Emperor. The Empire builds a mighty fleet empowered by ancient artifacts. The new Emperor launches devastating Holy Crusades across the galaxy, eradicating Coggorts and other non-human species.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Faction Empire of the Holy Lance

Fall of the Empire (152 A.S.T):

After years of devastating war, the galaxy unites against the Empire and retaliates. The desperate Daemon turns to the ancient Demiurge murals for aid. After some research, he finds Pandora’s Box – a gateway to another dimension. Daemon believes that with the powers stored in it, Stygians would restore their ancient powers and gain immortality.

When the united forces of the resistance besiege Stygion, the desperate Daemon gathers his people, almost the entirety of Stygion along with its citizens, and boards them on ships. The massive Holy Lance fleet sets sail to find the mysterious Pandora’s Box and vanishes without a trace. Their mysterious disappearance leads to the end of the war.

The victorious allied forces raid Stygion and take spoils of war – technologies, artifacts, and prisoners who haven’t left with Daemon. Later on, they launch numerous expeditions to find out what has happened to the Empire but to no avail. 

Solar Sails Space Pirates Anchor

Post-War Galaxy

Cold War (152 A.S.T – Today):

With the defeat of the Empire and the crash of the Coggort monopoly over solar sails, two new human superpowers emerge – the Galactic Federation and the Starlit Dominion. They assert the dominance of the recently liberated worlds and quickly come to numerous disputes over some territories. Due to the fear of mutual destruction, the superpowers do not engage in an open confrontation. Instead, they wage a cold war and turn their attention to developing technologies, hoping to achieve a military advantage over one another. Both superpowers launch secret expeditions to research the technologies left by the perished Empire.

Galactic Federation
Arkhan Dominion

Rise of Piracy (168 A.S.T – 184 A.S.T):

Remembering their past failures from the Great Galaxy War, the Federation aims to make its citizens healthier and fitter for navy service. The Federation Senate enacts a prohibition on rum, fatty foods, and pasta. While this policy does make the nation healthier, it causes the rum market to collapse. Rum traders, along with other affected citizens, organize protests that quickly escalate into a rebellion. In response, the Federation brutally suppresses it, crushing any hopes of future uprisings.

After the failure of the rebellion, former rebels turn to smuggling and piracy, causing rum, fatty food, and pasta to become valuable commodities on the black market. To battle the consumption of these illegal foods, the Federation propagates the idea of a “Healthy Nation” by scaring its citizens with dreadful stories about the side effects of rum, fatty food, and pasta.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Rum Pasta Treasure

Pastafarians (184 A.S.T – Today):

For over a century, the religious community of Pastafarians who worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, have been at peace with the entire galaxy. Pastafarians mostly engage in philanthropic activities, such as cooking pasta in giant space bowls to feed hungry space travelers. But as the Federation enacts its prohibition on rum, fatty food, and pasta, Pastafarians become outlaws by definition – since pasta is their traditional meal. Refusing to submit to the tyrannical regime, they collaborate with pirates and actively support the black market for rum, fatty food, and pasta. Since the Pastafarian teaching forbids violence, they choose to go into hiding. But some Pastafarians grow tired of their pacifism in the face of imminent danger. They claim it’s time to raise their cannons in self-defense. 

Solar Sails Space Pirates Flying Spaghetti Monster

Rising Tensions (Today):

Seeking to bolster the might of their fleets, the Galactic Federation and the Starlit Dominion turn their gaze upon the Demiurge artifacts. Many pirates and smugglers see it as an opportunity to make a fortune. They hoist the sails and roam the galaxy in search of any mysterious artifacts they can find. Meanwhile, rumors circulate about an emerging cult that calls itself the “Holy Lance”. Its members claim that the mysteriously vanished Holy Lance fleet is about to return and once again plunge the galaxy into a devastating war.