The Chronology in Hyperborea is measured in human years, when the zero point begins with the invention of the Solar Sails. A.S.T = After Solar Travel, B.S.T = Before Solar Travel.

Ancient History

Colonization of Hyperborea (-4099 – -4028 years B.S.T):

After spending years searching for a new home, several human spaceships arrive in the Hyperborean Galaxy. They find out this galaxy is terraformed by some kind of nebula-like solar clouds with oxygen, which brings no good. It creates strong friction for their alloy ships to handle, and thus damages their hulls. Luckily, they find some suitable planets, but it turns out most of them are already inhabited. They encounter various alien races: Coggorts – militant sentient insectoids, Celestials – huge wild space butterflies, and Glyphens – living sentient asteroids. Some of these encounters end up peacefully, others turn into open wars.

Hyperborean Galaxy

Legend of Pandora Box (-4028 year B.S.T):

During the peak of the war between humanity and the colonized races, a new menace introduces itself to the galaxy. Pandora Box, a huge alien pyramid-like spaceship, emerges out of nowhere and starts disintegrating stars and planets one by one. When it wipes out more than half of the galaxy, a mysterious being made of cosmic energy clad in golden armor offers salvation. He introduces himself as Prometheus and tells them of Demiurge, a malicious race of godlike beings who create and destroy entire galaxies for amusement. Armed with the Quasar Anchor – a powerful artifact augmented with 10 runes that represent 10 Primordial Powers of the universe – Prometheus plunges the anchor into the pyramid-like spaceship’s surface and closes it for good. He instructs them to never take the Anchor out – the Pandora Box must stay closed.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Race Demiurge


Age of Isolation

Isolation and Degradation (-3956 – 0 years B.S.T):

Due to the solar clouds all over the galaxy, human spaceships wear out one by one. These spaceships, made of alloy, have been designed to withstand high temperatures during the impact with atmospheres, yet those impacts usually last only a few minutes. But when space itself acts as an actual atmosphere, moving through it at high speed leads to continuous friction and heat, which slowly ruins the metals. Eventually, all human old ships break. Humans’ technology faces degradation. No further attempts are made to reach the open space. Over time, people even stop believing they have been to space in the past. The isolation causes the development of different cultures on different planets. Some civilizations never even assume their ancestors aren’t native to the worlds they inhabit.

Garbage Planet

Coggorts (-3971 – -3916 years B.S.T):

Coggorts, who are not immune to human diseases, catch a virus at their very first encounter with human colonists. This virus would wipe out their entire race, if not for their superior technology. Coggorts create mechanical bodies and transfer their consciousness into them. This act of mechanization saves their species from the epidemy but makes them literally machines. Instead of being born naturally, Coggorts would be almost entirely engineered at manufactures. This would allow cerebrates to create mindless workers who obey the commands of the hivemind.

Mechanicxal Coggort

Glyphens (-2643 year B.S.T):

Glyphens fight each other for centuries, until two major faction leaders, Stonefather and Glyphmother, fall in love. Growing vary of seeing their children killing each other, they declare peace, allowing the entire race to chill and live in prosperity. Due to their immortality, Glyphens are able to delve deeper into philosophy and think a lot about the purpose of life and the universe. Alas, the bond of their leaders isn’t a stable one. Stonefather proves to be quite a womanizer, as much as a living asteroid can be. Glyphmother, consequently, seizes control of an ancient source of power, which she decides not to share with her beloved one.

Glyphen Stonefather

Telossians and Celestials (-3963 – 16 years B.S.T):

A group of human colonists crash in Azure, a surfaceless light blue planet with flying islands as its only landmass. The survivors find an anomaly that allows them to evolve and physically merge with flying islands. Those who survive the mutation become humanoid beings with flying islands instead of legs, which basically makes them plants and removes the need for food consumption. This new race becomes known as Telossians, which meant “the ascended”. However, they are not alone on Azure. Celestials, a race of huge wild space butterflies, the original inhabitants of this planet, want their homeland back. Since Celestials are attracted to light, they attack at night, and they are pretty mean. Eventually, Telossians take the upper hand and lure all Celestials into reservations, forbidding anyone else into them.

Telossians vs Celestials


The invention of Solar Sails (-4 year B.S.S – 0 years A.S.T):

Rubikon, a mechanical Coggort minion whose job is to create solar panels and to provide energy for a Coggortian corporation-hive, becomes self-aware. Growing vary of his daily routine, he runs away and finds an ancient human spaceship with dead human colonists. He inspects it and learns a lot about space and solar clouds. Using the newly obtained knowledge, Rubikon creates a spaceship powered by solar panels and successfully tests it. Once reaching the open space, he travels across his star system. With this new invention, Rubikon establishes his own company, Solar Industries LTD, and introduces ships with solar panels to other planets. Eventually, all habitable planets in Hyperborea acquire ships with Solar Sails. After thousands of years of isolation, the galaxy is reconnected once again.

Ship with Solar Sails

Flying Spaghetti Monster (42 year A.S.T):

Captain Mosey, a failing pirate who barely makes ends meet and dreams of his own ship, encounters the Flying Spaghetti Monster who promises him one, for a price. On His behalf, he liberates his former co-workers from corporate enslavement and introduces them to Her Noodliness. Eventually, they willingly accept His Noodliness into their hearts and souls. Mosey ascends on top of the Colandia star where the Flying Spaghetti Monster grants him Ten “I’d Rather You Didn’ts”, but Mosey loses two of them on his way down. His followers settle down on Pastafaria, a planet granted them by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and start converting more people to Pastafarianism. Eventually, Pastafarians become a very influential, yet peaceful galactical superpower.

Meeting Flting Spaghetti Monster

Mallard Order (61 year A.S.T):

The Arkhan Dominion, an influential interstellar monarchy, finds Lagoon, a planet full of lakes, waterfalls, and hanging gardens, inhabited by ducks. Their attempt to colonize the planet is met with heavy resistance from its feathered protectors. As time goes by, young activists from all over the galaxy join to help the ducks against the colonists. When the Dominion assembles its entire fleet, the ducks release a giant octoduck monstrosity called Quacken. This ancient protector tears hundreds of Dominion’s ship apart and forces them to retreat. Following this glorious victory, the duck-friendly community rebrands itself and establishes the Mallard Order.


Global Galaxy War

Monopoly (93 – 116 years A.S.T):

Rubikon is misplaced from his position as the chairman of Solar Industries LTD. The Board is taken over by Coggorts whose ideals are much different from Rubikon’s. Solar Industries LTD monopolizes almost every aspect of solar sails production. As a result, other planets’ economies gradually decline, especially on Hydropolis, the planet that has been the beacon of humanity for thousands of years. Racism and nationalism, particularly against Coggorts, is on the rise. All it needs is a powerful leader that would push the galaxy into turmoil, and such a leader indeed comes. On Hydropolis, a baby is born with a mustache. According to the WetStach cult, the dominant religion on the planet, one day a mustache-born baby chosen one will save the galaxy from the Coggorts’ hegemony. The baby’s name is Damon Lance.

Hyxon Planet

Global Galaxy War I (116 – 134 years A.S.T):

Damon Lance, nurtured by the idea that he is the “born-with-mustache-chosen-one”, usurps the rule and establishes the Empire of the Holy Lance. As its emperor, he successfully pushes the idea that humans are destined to rule the galaxy and cleanse it from inferior races. Damon launches his Holy Crusades against other planets, which marks the beginning of the Global Galaxy War I. At first, the Crusades target Coggorts, which results in the elimination of almost 61% of its race. Later, Damon adds all the other non-human races to his list. Alien races unite with two powerful human planets: Cosmopolaris – a military harsh society, and Spiregrad, an influential interstellar monarchy. The combined forces of humans and aliens alike, manage to turn the tables and defeat the Empire, thus ending the war. Damon, however, escapes.

Damon Lance

Cold War

Global Galaxy War II and the Cold War (165-169 years A.S.T):

The Cosmopolaris government proclaims itself as the Galactic Federation and asserts the dominance of the planets it has liberated from the fallen Empire. Spiregrad follows its example and adds the planets it liberated under its newly formed Arkhan Dominion. The newly formed superpowers have disputes over some of the neutral planets they have liberated. They fail to establish peace and wage a short yet devastating war – the Global Galaxy War II. This war causes all the neutral planets to sign a cooperation agreement. The Galactic Federation and the Arkhan Dominion finally sign a peace treaty and end the devastating war. This, however, does not make peace, but rather starts a cold war between the superpowers. Both turn their attention towards various alien technologies and start searching for some hypothetical Demiurge artifacts.

Galactic Federation
Arkhan Dominion

Rum Prohibition, Moreguns’s Rebellion (178 – 184 years A.S.T):

In order to establish a healthy nation, the Galactic Federation starts enforcing a prohibition, forbidding rum, fat food, and pasta. Due to the prohibition, the rum market collapses. Captain Moreguns, a rum trader who goes bankrupt, finds out the prohibition has nothing to do with concerns about the health of the citizens. Outraged, he gathers followers and rebels against the Federation. They fortify themselves inside a military ships’ manufacture and plan to reignite the war between the Dominion and the Federation. However, one of his men betrays him to save his people from another war. Before Moreguns is able to execute his plan, the Federation puts a blockade around the manufacture and uses its newest biological weapon against the rebels. They cover the manufacture with toxic clouds, killing his entire crew as well as many other innocent people. Moreguns manages to escape and becomes the most wanted (and the least respected) pirate in the galaxy.

Moreguns vs Sharkboss

Modern Times

Dimensional Rift (199 year A.S.T):

On the other side of the galaxy, Sam Schrodinger, a schizophrenic engineer from Spiregrad, Dominion, discovers the Dimensional Rift and develops a technology that allows traveling between dimensions. Copyritto Violante, his close friend and a member of a royal bloodline, sees it as an opportunity to elevate himself in the eyes of his demanding family. He claims Sam’s invention and accuses him of plagiarism. Nobody takes Sam seriously due to his schizophrenia, so they put him in a madhouse on a distant Dominion moon. Luckily, Captain Moreguns, who happens to be pillaging the Dominion nearby, kidnaps him as a trophy. Later, he realizes Sam would be much more useful as a crew member rather than as a ransom.

Sam vs Copyritto

Modern Days (201 year A.S.T):

Tensions are rising all across the Hyperborean galaxy. Coggorts are troubled by “The Hacker”, a renegade Coggort who is allegedly trying to raise an army of his own Coggorts and overthrow the Solar Industries LTD. Glyphens, after centuries of peace and chill, are at odds again. Celestials mysteriously disappear from their reservations. Mallard ducks are getting anxious lately. Pastafarians report regular attacks on their communities. The Federation intensifies its war against piracy, particularly against Captain Moreguns. But the biggest threat for the galaxy is the one nobody believes in anymore, the long-forgotten Pandora Box.