Combat and Piracy

Explore the Galaxy

Discover new worlds, encounter new species, complete quests.

Control Space Duck

Scout asteroids, search for secrets, place dynamites on enemies.

Capture Hostages

Abduct enemy sailors and trade them for ransom or information.

Plunder the Royal Navy

Raid outposts, fight enemies and bosses, loot valuable goods.

Search for Treasures

Use the space duck to search for hidden treasures and secrets.

Smuggle Illegal Goods

Smuggling illegal goods, such as rum, pays well on the black market.


Upgrade Your Ship

Improve its engines, armor, weapons, man it with your crew.

Utilize Alien Artifacts

Empower the ship’s modules with primordial cosmic powers.

Level Up Your Crew

Each character contributes their own skillset to the crew.

Customize Your Ship

Create a ship you’d want to live your life on. Make it stand out.


Flying Spaghetti Monster

Help Pastafarians spread their gospel across the galaxy.

Pray to His Noodliness

Call upon His Noodliness to aid in non-violent ways when in trouble.

Cook Pasta in Space

Collect Noodles, Meatballs, Sauce. Everything needed to cook pasta.

Solar Sails Space Pirates Co-op ModeLocal Co-op

Play with friends in the same room. Control the ship together.