Interview with Mentor College

– “Hey Yevgeny, I found out the idea for the Solar Sails: Space Pirates game came from a Global Game Jam. What was the theme of the game? And how did the collaboration between you guys come about?”

Rony Griffit, formerly a student, now a tutor at the Mentor College, was so fascinated with Solar Sails: Space Pirates, that he decided to arrange an interview on behalf of the college. At first, we attempted to conduct a video interview, but quickly realized that an article at the Mentor college archive would be much more insightful, and serve as a great inspiration for its students.

In this interview, we shared some of our sources of inspiration, our development journey, as well as our future goals for the game. What were our most fierce challenges? Which part of the game was the most fascinating to develop? How did we come to certain design decisions? What tips can we share with people who want to start their game development careers? 

It was a pleasure to answer all these questions, so thanks to Mentor College, and Rony Griffit in particular. By the way, the amazing cover illustration at the top of this post is his doing!

Link to the full article: