DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival

The DLD Innovation Festival was not just about video games, but indie games have become an integral part of it. Solar Sails: Space Pirates, among many others, was presented and playtested during this amazing festival. It was our best playtest so far, with hundreds of people, of all ages, playing our game. Particularly in Local Co-op mode.

In order to prevent kids from fighting over who gets to play the game, we agreed that upon defeat they pass on to the next ones. However, two of those kids became so good at it that they’ve been playing for 30 minutes without dying, and even managed to beat the boss! Hooray!

It is worth mentioning, however, that not only kids have enjoyed Solar Sails: Space Pirates in Local Co-op mode. Our players were of all ages – teens, married couples, even the elderly! Needless to say, we ran out of stickers pretty quickly 🙂 Having said that, we are thankful for every follower – your support inspires us to keep going!

Links to DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival: