Pastafarian Collaboration

On August 4th, 2019, we have received the following message:


I’m the Rabbi Yata of the Israeli Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Saw a post about your game and checked it out, love the idea and the Pirate theme in specific.

We’ve got a small following of over 25M+ around the globe, If you’d place some sort of connection to the FSM (the smallest on, even) I’d be happy to push it along to our worldwide churches and help your games’ spread across our community.

May your Dev team be touched by her Noodly Appendage.


Since our team is not alien to the Pastafarian ideals and enjoys pasta and ramen on frequent occasions, we have decided to answer the call of His Noodliness. After accepting the offer, we’ve decided to integrate the Flying Spaghetti Monster into the game, making it a very important non-playable character. The FSM would give quests for the players and sell them special powers and upgrades, providing the players maintain the required favor level with His Noodliness.

Soon after we’ve started working on the Flying Spaghetti Monster in our game, we’ve got some official partnership letters from Pastafarian churches around the globe. That makes Solar Sails: Space Pirates the first video game to depict the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Later on, we met with Sam Baum, the Rabbi of the Israeli Pastafarian Church. After a long yet fruitful brainstorming meeting, we’ve finally had a clearer vision of how to make the Flying Spaghetti Monster an integral part of the game. And, of course, we set off to celebrate that:

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